GIA 54 - Changes in 2020

Some news to share: Ending GIA and working on a new podcast that will launch in late January.

GIA - 53 Coca-Cola

Did you know Coca-Cola started as a medicinal syrup created to help Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton deal with his war wounds while overcoming his mor...View Details

I recently listened to the soundtrack to the movie "Dumplin'" and was blown away by the duets featuring Dolly Parton and seven other singers. While th...View Details

GIA 51 - Krog & Kaep

With more than 240 neighborhoods, Atlanta is a very vibrant city. One of the City's more unique places to see is the Krog Street Tunnel. In this episo...View Details

It's the day before the Super Bowl and Atlanta is all abuzz with preparations, events, and visitors. George shares his views on preparations for the b...View Details

Well, the Fat One came to town - nope, not Santa, it's Big Fatty, online!  On this episode I talk about Big Fatty's visit, the Falcons, Superb Owl hal...View Details

Skipping voices across the pond to chat with Paul of The Shy Life podcast! In this first part of a two-part series, we chat with Paul about the Monarc...View Details

"Life is a book. Without travel you'll never make it past the first page." On this episode of GIA, I talk with Tim in Alaska about travels in his home...View Details

Fewer things freak me out more than Halloween! But last year I faced my fears by visiting one of Atlanta's major haunts. And thankfully, I had the hau...View Details

What if those old, abandoned railroads in your city were actually a source of urban renewal, equitable economic development and affordable housing? Th...View Details

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